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We teach the Word of God as the foundation for life.  Teaching the Biblical norms (dependability, honesty, integrity, service to others, and respect for authority) rather than society's norms (situational ethics, irresponsibility, and self-centeredness) is an integral part of each class.  Students are daily challenged from the Word of God.

Spiritual Emphasis

Academic Emphasis

A challenging academic program insures that our graduates are well prepared after graduation, whether for college or for vocational training.


This process begins with an excellent kindergarten program.   Students receive a strong foundation upon which to build a lifetime of learning and continued academic success.


Elementary school is academically challenging as well; students are established in Bible, reading, math, English, spelling, history, and science.


In high school, students are required to take a core curriculum of Bible, English, science, math, and history courses with additional electives available such as advanced math and Latin.

Fine Arts Emphasis

We believe that a Christian young person's life should be enriched by an appreciation of the fine arts.   From the elementary music class to the choir, band, and handbells, participation in godly music is encouraged.  Student body activities and programs, as well as state and national fine arts tournaments provide opportunities for students to develop their talents.

A Disciplined Atmosphere

Although we believe that the educational process should be an enjoyable experience, we also believe that the school atmosphere should be conducive to learning.  Students are required to behave in an orderly fashion with the utmost respect for the faculty and other students.  Daily conduct is expected to reflect well upon their Lord, themselves, their families, and the school.

A Balanced Approach

Our program offers a variety of opportunities that extend the learning of the classroom.  Exciting field trips and class outings are all designed to encourage personal and spiritual growth.  Fun spirit days encourage a sense of unity and excitement.  Student leadership is developed by participation in planning many of these event.

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